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Why choosing CARLOANGELA?

  • 60 years of experience and punctuality
  • Personalized and Turnkey Design and Interior Design
  • Direct Technical Assistance and Maintenance
  • Educational Workroom equipped with innovative catering tools
  • Personalized Payment Solutions
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Guaranteed Used Equipments


The CARLOANGELA Company was founded in 1952 in Ivrea (province of Turin) by Sir “Il Cavalier” Carlo Angela. Deeply tied to the tradition of Piedmont and fully aware of the importance of work, Carlo Angela succeeded in combining his great business skills with brilliant and innovative ideas and he passed on to his children the same creative passion.

Today, CARLOANGELA is specialized in design, organization and technologies for HO.RE.CA sector, such as pieces of equipment for big kitchens, hotels, restaurants, canteens, corporations and community centres. Not only it provides facilities, but also interior design services for cafeterias, coffee shops, restaurants, offices and shops, without forgetting Catering Equipment, Entertainment Design and Contract.

During its sixty years of activity, CARLOANGELA has become a reliable partner for more than four thousand customers who have trusted its experience and professionalism to have over one thousand pieces of equipment installed.

The company actively takes part in activities with other groups such as CONFINDUSTRIA CANAVESE, IL MARCHIO CANAVESE, AIDDA, PIEMONTE IN CONTRACT and CANAVESE CONNEXION and also collaborates with them.

Moreover, CARLOANGELA cooperates with IED Design Torino, which is the complete real solution meeting many different requirements in the world of professional design.


What allows CARLOANGELA to successfully satisfy every need, especially those requiring artistic and technological solutions, such as architects and designers’ ones, is the customer care ability shown during the design, production, organization and after-sale stages.

The Technical Office provides technical advice and support, helping customers with project analysis, and finds personalized and improving solutions, with punctuality. We put our professionalism and technical skills at our customers’ disposal, from the preliminary project to the after-sell assistance stage.

Every design solution offered by CARLOANGELA matches those creativity expectations that are the main feature of theMade in Italyin the world: attention to detail, essentiality, simplicity, style and elegance.

To provide innovative products new ideas come up from the experience and the use of different materials such as plexiglass, foams, glass, copper, steel and expanded plastic.

Customers can also find the latest technologies to save energy, protect the environment and cut on consumption and chemical products.


CARLOANGELA has always been encouraging activities designed for catering professionals, who keep Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta wine-and-food and touristic heritage. The purpose of that is promoting, through traditional cuisine, the territory whose historical identity lies within local food and recipes.

This is the reason why the company organizes special events. The latest one, “Opera Kitchen”, a two-day celebration for the 60th anniversary of CARLOANGELA, was held at the company’s headquarter, in Corso Vercelli. There were thematic seminars, workshops and tastings: more than two hundred visitors –restaurateurs, hoteliers and sommeliers- showed up.

The event was successful and filled the expectations of the visitors, who had the chance to live a unique experience with famous chefs. They also tested the new cooking, washing, sterilization, low-temperature cooking and food preserving systems, designed for modern professional kitchens.

Thislive experiencehosted outstanding conference speakers such as Guido Gobino and the stellar chefs Mariangela Susignan and Giovanni Grasso. The latter is going to be in the spotlight again, along with CARLOANGELA, at “Artissima 2012”, one of the most important Contemporary Art exhibitions in Turin, held at the Oval Lingotto.

He will be performing at the well-known restaurant of the Vip Lounge, purposely designed by the company from Canavese for the occasion.


CARLOANGELA has built an educational workroom, a new technologically innovative space, in the building of its headquarter. It is equipped with the most modern catering tools and chefs, restaurateurs and catering students can train there to learn how to use the new cooking technologies.


Thanks to a highly specialized technical staff, a well-stocked spare parts warehouse and our own vans, we efficiently provide installation, assistance and maintenance for all the professional systems.


The wide range of available professional machinery allows us to lease equipments that may be necessary only for a short period of time, so that customers can save their money.

At CARLOANGELA you can find fryers, fry tops, cold stores, icemaker machines, pasta cookers, ovens, freezers, coffee makers and more…

Besides, in our 600 square meters showroom there is a wide selection of guaranteed used equipments.









Corso Vercelli 145
10015 Ivrea TO
Tel. 0125 251720

Progettazione impianti grandi cucine per hotel e ristoranti, arredamenti professionali per ristoranti, caffetterie, bar a Torino Milano Aosta e provincia - CarloAngela dal 1952